Overwhelming fear leads to confusion, uncertainty and depression. It narrows our view of the world and closes off the possibility of living a happy and purposeful life. When we are held back by fear we constantly doubt ourselves and our abilities. This fear shows up in our careers and our relationships, casting a shadow over everything and diminishing our dreams.


"Money is starting to flow..."

I had an "awakening" of sorts when I was 17 years old that put me on the path. I think, like many people, my growth has been slow for the most part, even giving up ground at some points. Then a catalyst comes around every once in rare while and sky-rockets you to the next level. In my case most growth spurts were from books I had read but my most recent and most significant catalyst came from a different source, David Parke.

I am what I'd like to call an open-minded skeptic. Things must be proven to me in some way before I drink the kool-aid and I am a very tough critic. When my wife had come home speaking about the most amazing session she just had with her "life coach" of course I was skeptical. There was a lameness even to the phrase "life coach".

It wasn't until I saw the dramatic changes in her that I started giving thought of trying it out myself. I was in a real rut at the time. It got to a point where I just broke-down and signed up, fully believing to find it brimming with nonsense and the same regurgitated messages I had been reading in self-help books (and talk therapy) all these years.

I was surprised to hear about his military service and even more surprised at how easy it was to speak with him. I could just not file this man away in mind.

Like a master chess player Dave seems to be 10 moves ahead of me at any given time. In our first session he blew apart several "beliefs" I wasn't even conscious of having. Again, keep in mind I was at a particularly low and lost place in my life. I was in a hole that I could not see myself coming out of.

I couldn't believe that I was starting to feel better after just one session. Now if you are looking for someone to passively sit in a leather chair taking notes while periodically asking questions like "how did that make you feel" maybe Dave isn't for you. There are no shortages of ordinary therapists out there for you. In place of those tradition questions, Dave asked me what my goals were and immediately helped me put a plan of action together. The phrase "life coach" made sense all of a sudden. I do not know if he does this for everyone or not but this was EXACTLY what I needed.

I feel the motivation and purpose filling up my life again. Money is starting to flow as a result of the action plan we put in place. We are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating then making necessary changes to this plan. He never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge of a particular issue or by the bottomless well of mental magic he possesses to get a point across.

Now I am not going to say I am living happily ever after but I am in the zone again and it feels great. You might think from reading this that I have been seeing David for years but even I am amazed that it has only been 3 months. I know with some more work, and David Parke beside me at the helm, I will accomplish all of my life goals...and so can you.

Cyrus Z.

"Direct Path to My Goals and Happiness"

David Parke is an amazing soul with a linear western approach to eastern mysticism. I usually come into his office jumbled in my thoughts, dreams and fears- and David "untangles" me and helps me find my direct path to my goals and happiness.

Sasha Gupta
Yoga Flux


You blew me away! That is even an understatement. I think on top of everything, the fact that you didn't go into a whole lecture on how much time and effort it would take to change, that it was just a shift in focus.

The connections I made after I left our session (and I rescheduled that dinner I was supposed to go on - that was much needed time to digest the 2 hours) were life-changing!

Joan C.

"...Turned My Life Around"

Working with Dave has turned my life around 180 degrees- I went from being scared, helpless, depressed and hating my job and my life to feeling really good about myself, my life, my work and really looking to the future, within just a few weeks of coaching. Dave makes it a fun process, unlike many other coaches, he doesn't add additional work to your already jammed schedule, but makes change fun and almost effortless. He puts things into perspective and rationalizes with your often irrational thoughts in a fun and curious manner, making you laugh in the process. Sometimes a simple question can be very powerful if asked in the right manner. I could not wish for a better coach at a time in my life when I needed one most.

Eva L.

Christina P

"Most Free and Empowered I Have Ever Felt.."

After literally only a couple brief sessions with David, I found myself taking leaps and strides in multiple areas of my life: personal, career, relationships (my overall outlook), which normally would have taken me years to come to terms with, and more importantly, take action on. His ability to immediately
deconstruct a "confusing" situation and illustrate a clear path towards decisiveness is inspiring. Working with David has truly proved beneficial for me. I feel the most free and empowered I have ever felt in my entire life! And it's only going to get better and better.

Christina P

Kathleen Hanover

" Changed My Life"

David Parke's life coaching expertise changed my life. I'm still not sure exactly how he did it but at this point, I don't care! because life coaching and personal empowerment is so much a part of who he is and what he does, it's impossible to interact with Dave without becoming enriched as a person. He's both grounded and fanciful; both rational and spiritual. He is a centered and balanced man. And because he has done such a great job of self-actualization, Dave doesn't bring any his own issues to the table to clutter up the coaching relationship a common occurrence in the life coaching field. Dave is fully present and conscious, and has a vast toolbox of coaching wizardry that he puts at his clients disposal. I've received such value from working with Dave.

Kathleen Hanover
Imagine That Creative

"...All My Boats Have Risen With the Tide"

I began my three month process with David on curiosity. I had stalled. My sense of personal power was M.I.A. With a stash of unfinished songs, a flat lined financial picture, a degree in health lying dormant and a misfiring relationship, I was bleeding self esteem.

My what a difference three months with David Parke can make. What David provided was course correction on all fronts. By disproving my limitations through incentive based agreements and interrupting my thought patterns with lines of strategic questioning, I was able to shift from inaction to action, from reaction to proactive and lethargy to synergy.

Early in the game David issued a 30 day challenge- to complete one song per week and make it real by performing publicly. I had been sitting on this material for years but you'd be surprised what deadlines and accountability can do for the muse. Now it was happening because I was working for more than myself, I had a partner invested in my success. That feeling is powerful and nurturing. It can overpower fear.

All I can say is that after three months of coaching by David, all my boats have risen with the tide. My musical life is recharged, I finished my strongest sales year ever and have a whole new source of income to pursue, my relationship has clarified and I find myself now living in the perfect home.

Was it worth it? You tell me.

Eric Sanders


I’ll tell you a secret…

Fear has never stopped you from doing anything.

Fear just doesn’t have that power.  Fear is not a decision and it can’t make a decision.  If fear had that kind of power then soldiers would always falter and firemen would never rush into a burning building.

Fear is only information.

It is your relationship with fear that holds you back in life.  The fearful associations you’ve made with failure, rejection and scarcity can run amok in your life and make you feel as though you just can’t win.  When you are held back by fear it seems that life loses its color and taste.  You begin to feel that you have no options and are stuck exactly where you are.

Fear can affect our relationships, our careers and the overall quality of our lives.

It doesn’t have to.  You can truly master your fear with basic steps.

1.  Face your fear

We spend so much time and energy avoiding our fears.  If we are afraid of being inadequate then almost everything we do is an attempt to prove that we aren’t, even when our efforts alienate other people.  The first step is to truly understand when you are operating out of fear and learn how to sit with that fear instead of running from it.

2.  Embrace your fear

The second step, once you recognize it, is to learn how to recruit it as an ally.  When we resist fear it only grows stronger and takes up more space in our lives.  By embracing our fear we actually take our power back and regain ownership of our lives.

3.  Outpace your fear

Fear is a noise.  When safety is our primary focus then that noise is loud and drowns everything out.  It narrows our vision and has a paralytic effect.  As we start to focus on what is truly important in our lives the “fearful noise” begins to diminish.  You may not be “fearless” but the fear just doesn’t matter anymore.

I am not fearless but what I’ve learned along the way is that fear can’t stop you.  There are things that I value more than the fear.  That is courage.  That is what I teach.

I offer personal coaching, workshops and products to help people overcome their fear and create lives of purpose and joy.  If you’re not sure what you want just yet but know that you want your life to change then sign up for my newsletter.  The new you is waiting, take the first step. Contact me for a complimentary exploratory session and see if we’re right for each other.